Purchase order solution made extremely simple and powerful for small businesses

Track your company purchases in a simple way

Setup budgets/projects, approve purchase orders & mark as paid

Receive deliveries and stay up to date

No surprise invoices from suppliers

Automated email notifications



How it works

1. Setup budgets and assign approvers

2. Team members create purchase orders

3. Approvers get notified

4. Finance view reports and mark POs as paid

See what other users are saying about the system

Very simple, easy to setup and understand. My whole team was up and running in minutes. We do not waste more time on managing our paper POs. Expeni with amazing support does it well for us!
Jillani - ZoyMah, Canada
Works great-- fast and easy. I do not need to wait for my manager to come into the office and approve POs. The system works while you are on the go.

How can this PO solution help me?

Better control over spend

  • Clear visibility of your purchases
  • Email notifications on PO creation
  • Gives an overview of POs statuses e.g. approved, denied, paid, not delivered etc
  • Allows on-demand, monthly, annually Reporting
  • Logs - Who did what when

Time Saving

  • Increase productivity - Quickly create or copy a PO
  • One-click approval
  • Search old POs quickly
  • Quick filters - pending approval, not delieverd
  • Available online - can be accessed from anywhere

Simple and easy

  • Setup in minutes
  • Download POs - Excel/PDF
  • Write comments
  • Attach/view reciepts


  • 1-10 users: $13 / user / month

  • 11-20 users: $11 / user / month

  • 21-50 users: $9 / user / month

  • contact us if more than 50 users...

All features included

No bindings - unsubsribe any time!
  • Purchase order management
  • Approval email notifications
  • Download PDF/Excel
  • Reports
  • Logs
  • Upcoming features
  • 24/7 live chat & email support
  • Contact us for pricing

The Team

Expeni is a team of experienced developers that had a need to control and manage their expenses. We couldn't find any innovative, time-saving and simple solution so built one for us - Expeni (idea behind the name is expenses and penny) - a simple and innovative purchase order solution that is continously adding new powerful features in a simple way.


How can you help me?
If you need to manage your company's expenses or purchases, feel free to contact us to know more how can we help you on this. Please contact at support@expeni.com.
What does 24/7 support mean?
Normally, most requests are taken care of Monday to Friday, during business hours. We monitor incoming requests over the weekend, so if there's an urgent issue we will help you.
Can I unsubscribe from monthly plan any time?
Yes. There is no binding. You can unsubscribe anytime.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes. If you're not 100% satisfied with our service in the first 30 days, we will refund your subscription.
I have a few more questions...
We are happy to help you. Please contact us via email, live chat or our contact form.

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